if is this was a movie

There was a guy who was so tired
of reading his girlfriend's
message ...

Because there are always I love you  ,
I miss you or have you eaten your
meals ??

One night while lying on bed, he
received a text message from
He didnt read it, instead
he went to sleep,
In the morning, he got a call from his
gf's mom ..
She was crying
while telling him that
his girlfriend was killed that night

She texted him.
He remember the message and
he read it.. "honey plis come &
help me, sumone is following me,
Im close to your street.....pls "

Never ignore a person who loves and cares for you 
because one day you may realize 
you've lost the moon 
while counting the stars......

im thinking about my love sometimes he far away from me, keep stay i love you <3 and i miss you mom sometimes i feel you didnt care  but i know that just my feeling its get harder everyday i love you more than anyting in this world . keep praying im olwes in your beutiful heart

*i miss you and this song keep playing gonna make me cry gahhh bye  :'(