Indon movie ???

have been watching dis movie
kinda love her style DIAN SASTROWARDOYO

This movie is about Lando was a photographer whose fiancée had just left him. In his distress, he met a busway ticket counter girl called Kalin which is Dian Sastrowardoyo =P Lando's passion for life was revived, but it didn't last long. Without apparent reason, Lando left Kalin, who became very angry and heart-broken.

As time passed, Lando, still in distress, found that Kalin had become a supermodel, and saw her presence everywhere.

Lando yearned to see Kalin again and explain why he had left her. He finally got the opportunity and met Kalin, but this encounter again ended tragically as Kalin ran into an accident and turned blind. Later on, Kalin obtained a cornea donor that enabled her to see again, but she could not seem to find Lando, whom she was actually very much in love with. ouhh I LOVE DIS SONG SO MUCH =')

ENJOY \(^.^)/